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Originally Spokane Tree Service (Established in the 1940’s) Dayne’s Tree (Care509treeservice.com) was reinvented in 2007 by Dayne Klundt. Carrying on thetradition of excellent tree service Dayne has established himself and build up goodrelationship with long term customers.

I was raised by Terry Klundt a 30 year tree climbing /trimming professional. I started learning about trees and tree work at 8 and was trimming them by 16. Tree care has been a family tradition for me and that shows in the pride I take in making sure customers are totally satisfied with my services. I make sure to do a thorough safety evaluation of every job before beginning. Putting safety first not only benefits me but my customers as well and that is something I hold dear.


We take care of all types of tree care jobs. We provide tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, dead-wooding, cabling, bracing and even stump grinding. We even provide hazardous tree removal. We take extra precautions to make sure that property damage is minimized as much as possible. With the years of experience passed down to me I have become very skilled in making sure that there is little damage to lawns, shrubs, and other important landscape. We do not take any unnecessary risks. We keep our workers safe, you and your home safe and your landscaping as safe as possible.


When trimming and pruning trees we do as little damage to the tree we can. We don’t gaff your tree or spread disease, when necessary we sterilize our tools and take the extra time to ensure the work performed will benefit your trees health. We love trees and want to help preserve there beauty.When we complete our job we leave it just as clean or more so than when we arrived, and that is just respect and courtesy

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