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Foot locking into a pine canopy It’s not always an easy task to properly trim/prune a tree for its benefit, and meet the want of a clients expectations. Trees are living organisms which have certain protective and defensive characteristics. Without an appropriate thorough understanding of these, and how they are sometimes specific to one species, you could impose serious harm to a tree, and eventual death


That being said, we do our best to achieve the needs of our clients, and do so in a way that does not harm or cause undo stress to a tree. Trees that stress are more susceptible to pest and infection/decay. Sometimes a systematic approach is needed which may take multiple trims/pruning’s in order to correct a tree that has not had the proper care it needs.

We will take the time to get your trees on the right track for health and longevity, at the same time as beautifying the wonderful world, one tree at a time.
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